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BLUE VOLTIGE utilizes Fournier motorgliders, propeller driven airplanes from the sixties, with very sleek and aerodynamic lines, designed by the French Renè Fournier and built by German Sportavia Putzer; both have a wooden frame covered with canvas, and are equipped with four-cylinder engines derived from automotive use; characteristic is the single-wheel retractible gear.
Specification of Aicrafts & Details of Performances by TEAM
FOURNIER RF4D Motorglider registration I-LUCB
Fabio Iannacone
Costruction N. 4092 Year 1968 by Sportavia Putzer Germany
Lenght 6,05 m
Height 1,65 m
Wing Span 11,26 m
MTOW 390 Kg
VS 70 Km/h
VNE 250 Km/h
Load factor +6G / -3G
L/D 20:1
Service Celling 6,000 m
POWER Rectimo AR 1200 39 hp
FOURNIER RF5 Motorglider registration D-KONG
Ivan Prizzon
Costruction N. 5058 Year 1970 by Sportavia Putzer Germany
Lenght 7,80 m
Height 2,00 m
Wing Span 13,74 m (closed 9,30 m - hangar configuration)
MTOW 650 Kg
VS 73 Km/h
VNE 250 Km/h
Load factor +4G / -2G
L/D 22:1
Service Celling 5,000 m
POWER Limbach L 2000 E01 80 hp